"We invite you into our hearts and lives, and we vulnerably welcome you into our past. 

We share how shame affected us and what we boldly did about it. 

Shame is not personal, neither are the How-To’s we share with you. 

This journey is personal; You can release shame. "

I Am Releasing Shame authors

I Am: 
How To Release the Shame of Narcissistic Abuse & Transform Financial Poverty to Wealth Beyond Numbers

Narcissistic Abuse can violate every aspect of being human. Once identified being in relationship dominated by Narcissistic Personality Disorder, the desperate question looms: “...AND, NOW WHAT?!” 

 Healing and gaining our independence are prized as the first steps for breaking free. Yet, how do you do this when you have been financial abused, are faced with exorbitant debt, have been chronically disenfranchised, and your most intimate needs have been used against you? 

 For the first time in history, 14 inspiring professionals share their personal story how; while dealing with narcissistic abuse syndrome, they released the shame of financial poverty and transformed financial abuse to abundance, including and beyond numbers. 

 In this ground breaking book, you gain: 

15 inspiring stories of hard-core transformation 
 Your personal How-To to 14 healing modalities 
Practice smoothening out the algorithm of abuse 
Saying YES! To Yourself! guilt free 
Concrete steps towards financial independence 
Your personal I AM: Releasing Shame Journal 

 Welcome to life on the other side of abuse; Freedom is our birthright.

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I Am: Releasing Shame

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